Why Google Ads is better for Business?

Why Google Ads is better for Business?

If you are not using Google Ads for your business then you missing out on a lot of opportunities.

One of the biggest myth which people have is that Google Ads are expensive:

In reality, it is not true. We have been running Google Ads for a Client and so far we have spent close to 20k and generated over 300 leads (Average, CPL is Rs65).

After spending 20K, I have learned the following things:

# Tracking properly installed:

If you see the screenshot, the client had not installed the tracking code initially. Without installing tracking code it is impossible to optimize the campaigns.

# Test keywords:

Not all keywords are profitable. Test a minimum of 10-15 keywords per week. Understand the keywords from the client perspective. What would most aware, aware, problem aware & solution aware customer search on Google? This is the most important thing you must plan for your campaigns.

Irresistible Offer: Offer doesn’t mean FREE. In this case, the paid offer has converted well then FREE offer. Keep the offer which is customer-centric.

# Ad copies:

Create ad copies that would literally force visitors to click. In this case, the offer was mentioned in the Ad copies with the price. This was a major breakthrough, we started getting more qualified clicks and our conversion rate went up to 20%.

# Systematic Followup:

Simply generating leads is not an end. Ensure that you have a proper follow-up in place. I use call rail to track and record the call. The biggest advantage I have seen that is I am able to understand the needs and wants from the customer calls. Also, I am able to track whether the front desk is properly answering the call Ensure that you have a proper email follow up in place.

I have set up the 7-day email sequence for the client & the feedback that I have got from the client is “When a patient comes to the clinic they are motivated with the emails & they share their personal story as well. This whole thing helped the client to build rapport with the patient which in turn has made the upselling easier.

# Automation:

Google Ads not a set & forget system. Like Facebook, automate the rules and have more time on building the strategies for the clients.

I am a big Facebook ad, however, what I have observed that at times Facebook is unstable whereas Google is 100 times better than Facebook in terms of stability.

If you are not using Google Ads, ask yourself why? Start using it, if you have any questions please drop it here, I will answer them.



Jagadeesh Chundru

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