Go with Digital Marketing for Business growth

Go with Digital Marketing for Business growth

Going with digital marketing is better than traditional marketing for businesses, Why?

Traditional marketing is rapidly decreasing his space in the marketing and growth of digital marketing is increasing, so you can understand the changes happening in India after JIO penetration, internet users increased a lot.

Facts about Digital Marketing

Every business needs digital marketing at present and it can be helpful by starting from now.

Why now because globally internet users are increased and using online services than offline.

Majority countries like U.S.A, U.K, Australia, and Canada as more Internet users are interested in online service than offline.

In these countries, the majority of industries are shifted to online services a decade ago, so they are ruling the industry today.

This is more advantageous to English speaking countries.

Benefits with Digital Marketing

@ Consumers will know briefly about your business.

@ You can get more sales

@ You can interact with consumers.

@ By getting good reviews in online networks, you can get more sales.

@ You can show the availability of products and services in your business.

@ Consumers will trust you when you are interacting in online platforms.

Digital marketing has more benefits. If you have a good product or service then you can be a king in your industry.

Every business no need to spend money or time on all digital channels. just choose a few channels which will help you.

Here are the Digital Marketing Channels to Choose:

In digital marketing, there are different channels for different industries.

For example

Social Media Network

In Social Media

We all know about social media but in this, there are sub-networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

In these sub-networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest is more use full for industries like Fashion, Health, Beauty, Clothing, Fitness, Gadgets.

Other subnetworks like Twitter, Linkedin these networks can also be useful but cannot impact than the above networks.

The advantages of Twitter and Linkedin is it’s more useful to B2B industries.

Search Network

In Search

These are search networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Quora & more.

The search network will use full for any industry but only a few industries have more advantages on it.

These are the industries like Real estate, Dentist, Plumber, Electrician & more service-based industries have more edge.

Why the Difference

In social media Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Entertainment and Clothing industries will attract the users to buy a product with the designs and emotions. These industries use full to search networks but not better than the social media network.

In search network Dentist, Plumber and Real estate industries are different because the user needs some cause to need these types of services. These types of users are difficult to attract with designs and emotions. So, they went with the search network to see the best service available in the local area.

These are the differences in various industries.


Jagadeesh Chundru

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